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Sport Volunteers

Sport organizations in Lethbridge are looking for volunteers. The Lethbridge Sport Volunteer Hub aims to gather and share the special talents, knowledge, and time people in Lethbridge and nearby places can offer.

Sport Volunteer Hub

Why Volunteer?

Skill Development
Develop new skills or enhance existing ones, including leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management.
Community Engagement
Play a crucial role in facilitating community sporting events, which can bring together diverse groups and promote social cohesion.
By providing your time and effort, you help make sports more accessible to the community, especially for grassroots and amateur events.
Learning Experience
Volunteering provides you with experiential learning opportunities that can complement formal education or provide practical experience where it might be lacking.
Meet new people, make friends, and build professional networks within the sports industry.

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Group Volunteering

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