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Sport Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteering Preferences

The following section will ask questions regarding volunteer skills, interests, certifications and volunteer perks to build your volunteer portal profile.
What sports are you interested in? 

You can include any other sports if not listed above.

What are your Volunteer Interests?

You can include any other interests if not listed above.

Skills and Certifications

What are your Volunteer Skills?

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You can include any other skills if not listed above.

Relevant Certifications

You can include any other certifications if not listed above.

Please indicate Volunteer Perks you would like

Contact Details


We are asking for your birth year as some roles may require an individual to be 18+.

Please note that we expect youth volunteers to be independent and take the initiative to contact us themselves. If you are a parent/guardian and are interested in the youth volunteer opportunities, please engage the youth in the process, including supporting them in contacting us directly, filling out the application and ensuring they understand the expectations of being a volunteer.

We are asking for your gender as some roles may have gender requirements (e.g. coaching or supervision roles)

Demographic Information

We are asking for the demographic information below to celebrate who is volunteering in our community. Lethbridge Sport Council (LSC) will also use the collective data to report to current and potential funders. Individual data will remain with LSC. Data is deleted when an individual requests their name and information to be removed from the Sport Volunteer Hub. Providing personal information is optional. Individual details will not be shared with other organizations, and responses will not be used to screen volunteer opportunities other than for roles that require an individual to be 18+.
If applicable, do you identify as any of the following?
What is your current employment status?