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Volunteer Opportunities

Assisting with various athletic programs for members of ASRAB to participate in sports and physical activity.

ASRAB (Alberta Sport and Rec Association for the Blind)
Tasks / Activities
  • Youth Sport Coach
  • Adult Sport Coach
Time Commitment
Whenever you can help out
Number of Volunteers Needed
Is this opportunity open to youth (13-17 years of age)
Location changes depending on our activity but all are in Lethbridge.
ASRAB is an organization that provides physical activity opportunities for people with visual impairments. Our hours change weekly depending on which activities we are hosting and no set hours are required. You just come whenever you can help out. Volunteers are a crucial component for allowing our members to be physically active and participate in a wide variety of sports. We are looking for individuals who love athletics to come help us teach our members how to play soccer, lacrosse, golf, curling, and a wide variety of other activities. Please email us with any questions.